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Jun 08, 2022
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Canada-Based Senior PFLP Official Khaled Barakat: Canada Must Abolish Its Terrorist List; Armed Struggle, Missiles Are The Only Way To Achieve Palestinian Rights

#9634 | 03:01
Source: Online Platforms - " ILPS on Facebook"

Canada-based senior PFLP official Khaled Barakat, who is also the leader of the Samidoun organization, said in a June 3, 2022 speech at the International League of People's Struggle (ILPS) Assembly in Ottawa that Canada must abolish its terrorist list. He said that he would not deny his support for the Palestinian and Lebanese "resistance" to please Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, exclaiming: "F*ck Trudeau!"

Barakat expressed his support for "resistance groups" in Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, and the Philippines, including the PFLP, Hamas, Hizbullah, and the Philippine Communist Party. In addition, he said that the Palestinian identity is based on armed struggle, and that armed struggle and missiles are the only way to achieve Palestinian rights. Barakat's speech was streamed live on the ILPS Facebook page. For more about Khaled Barakat and Samidoun, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 9471, 9291, 7276, and 6100.


Khaled Barakat: "We challenge the Canadian government and we say: Why are you listing, for example, the Popular Front on your terrorist list? What has the PFLP actually done against Canada and Canada's interests, or [did it] commit any kind of crimes against Canadians here or abroad? Zero, nothing.

"But Israel has killed Canadians in Lebanon in 2006. An entire Canadian family was wiped out, but they didn't care because they are brown, they are Lebanese, they are not 'real Canadians.'

"The same thing [happened] in Gaza, Israel killed Palestinian Canadians in Gaza — Canada didn't care — but yet Hamas is on the terrorist list.

"We have to be honest with ourselves even when we talk to the enemy, and say: 'Look, you are making a big mistake by listing these organizations on your so-called 'terrorist list.' Why is the Communist Party in the Philippines on your terrorist list? Why are you listing Hizbullah on your terrorist list? We have to ask these questions and mobilize in order to erase this shameful list called the terrorist list. It has to be abolished... That's the only way we can...

"Because, look, we are not going to shy away and say that we don't support the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance. I mean, so Trudeau could like us... F*ck Trudeau! We support out resistance in Lebanon, Palestine, and Yemen against Saudi aggression.

"We support out resistance in Lebanon, Palestine, and Yemen against Saudi aggression.



"Palestinian identity is not about blood or biological identity, it is about resistance.



"The Palestinian resistance [factions] are manufacturing missiles today. Because that is the only way they left us, to have a strong resistance. Those who don't want us to have an armed struggle can please tell us how we can achieve our right, when we couldn't achieve it by any other means possible."

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