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Nov 27, 2023
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Jordanian Tribal Leader Trad Muslet Al-Fayez: I Support Hamas; Jordan-Israel Peace Accord Should Be Annulled; Biden Is A Criminal, A Pig, And A Nazi, The Israelis Are Rabbits

#10684 | 02:48
Source: Yarmouk TV (Jordan)

Jordanian tribal leader Trad Muslet Al-Fayez said on a November 27, 2023 show on Yarmouk TV (Jordan) that Jordan should cancel the Wadi Araba Treaty with Israel. He said that Jordan should not pay money to Israel with which it can buy airplanes and tanks to attack the Palestinian and Arab people and that Jordan can buy natural gas from Arab countries instead. Al-Fayez said that U.S. President Biden is a criminal, a pig, and a Nazi. He called on Fatah and on the armies of the Arab countries to join the fight against Israel. Al-Fayez said that if the brothers in Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad knew that the Israeli soldiers were paper tigers, they would have conquered Tel Aviv.

Trad Muslet Al-Fayez: "The Palestinians have fulfilled their duty. They are defending the Arab nation. They are the vanguard. That are defending Jordan even before Palestine. If Israel escalates and expels the Palestinians, it will expel them to Jordan. This will be the end of Jordan and the end of Palestine. We support the resistance when it attacks the Zionist entity, on the condition that they beat it to a pulp. That criminal, Biden, that pig, that Nazi – he's the number-one Nazi, and he gave the green light to attack the Palestinian people.


"I support Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, and all the Palestinian factions – even Fatah. I know that the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades belong to Fatah.


"I call on my brothers in Fatah to rise up, and support the people of Gaza and their brothers.


"We used to live with humiliation. People would say: 'Israel is a superpower, and no one can defeat it, the [Arab] armies cannot defeat it.' Israel turned out to be a cardboard tiger. Not even cardboard. Cardboard is rough. Paper tiger. If my brothers in Hamas and the Islamic Jihad knew that the Israeli soldiers were so fragile, they would have conquered Tel Aviv.


"I call upon the Arab armies – look what those heroes have done! If Israel makes a move, strike it. Any Arab army should strike it."

Interviewer: "I think we might be going a little too far..."

Al-Fayez: "No, any [Arab] army should strike [Israel]. I wish that a group among the Arab Jordanian army, or from the Iraqi army, or Syrian army... Strike them. They are rabbits!"

Interviewer: "We hope so, but..."

Al-Fayez: "They are rabbits! They are rabbits!"


"I call for the cancellation of the Wadi Araba Treaty. Wadi Araba, and also..."

Interviewer: "Wadi Araba, and also..."

Al-Fayez: "As well as the gas deal. All the agreements with Israel should be completely annulled, because there should be no covenants with them. We should not give money to someone, who would use it to buy tanks and planes, and attack the Palestinians and the Arab people. The Arabs have gas. Qatar has gas. Qatar will give us gas at a cheaper price than what [Israel] gives us."

Interviewer: "Algeria also has gas."

Al-Fayez: "Algeria also has gas. When they realize that we are acting out of patriotism, the Arabs will give us gas. They Arabs are our brothers.

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