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Apr 02, 2021
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Jordanian Professor Ahmad Nofal: The Jews Rule The World; We Have To Say 'Zionists' Instead Of 'Jews' Or Else They Cancel Us; Zionists Harvest Palestinians' Organs

#8776 | 02:17
Source: Yarmouk TV (Jordan)

Jordanian professor Ahmad Nofal said that the Jews rule the world and monitor every word that is said, therefore the word "Zionists" must be used instead of "Jews," but there is no difference between the two words. He made these remarks on a show that aired on Yarmouk TV (Jordan) on April 2, 2021. Nofal said that while it is permitted to curse Muslims, if anyone says a word against the Jews they will be "canceled." He continued to say that the Americans annihilated 140 million "red Indians" and 40 million Africans so that "America could become America." Nofal also accused the "Zionists" of harvesting organs from Palestinians and purposefully infecting them with diseases while they are under anesthesia.

Ahmed Nodal: "Global Freemasonry is a Zionist movement. I shouldn't say this, you say? So what is it? A national movement? Is it a humanist movement? No, my dear. Zionism came up with the notion of Freemasonry. 'Masonic lodges' and whatnot... The 'Grand Master'… These are all Zionist notions. Jewish notions... Call them whatever you like.

"But it is forbidden to say 'Jewish' nowadays... Forbidden! Fine. Whatever. We'll say 'Zionist.' It is the same thing. See how they rule the world? They even monitor what words you use. What kind of power is this? If you curse 1.7 million [sic.] Muslims — there's nothing to it, but if you dare to say one word [against the Jews], they cancel you.


"You [Americans] came from all over. Some came from Germany, some from Italy, some from France, some from Britain, some from Scotland, some from wherever... You gathered there and annihilated only 140 million red Indians, and 40 million Africans. That's about 200 million. You killed them so that America could become America. And you are still killing them for being black.


"Dear followers, we must always examine ourselves. Yours truly also. We need to make sure that Western culture has not changed our notions and our tastes without us even noticing. It is like someone who undergoes a surgery under anesthesia... That's what the Zionists do. They harvest organs from our [Palestinian] patients. They chop off part of the liver... You know that when you cut part of the liver it grows. Sometimes they plant illnesses in you when you are under anesthesia."

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