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Jun 15, 2020
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Jordanian Professor Ahmad Nofal: Allah Sent COVID-19 To Subdue Those Who Refuse To Surrender To Him; 'You May Laugh A Little, But You Shall Cry A Great Deal'

#8059 | 01:08
Source: Yarmouk TV (Jordan)

Jordanian professor Ahmad Nofal, who teaches Islamic law at the University of Jordan, said in a May 15, 2020 show on Yarmouk TV (Jordan) that because "modern" people who are all about modernization have refused to surrender to Allah, He has sent upon them his tiniest creature - the coronavirus- to subdue them. He chuckled and said: "You may laugh a little, but you shall cry a great deal."

Ahmad Nofal: "All you modern people... You are all about modernization. Allah has sent you His tiniest creature - every million of those viruses is the size of the tip of this pen. Has the virus subdued you or has it not? You refused to subdue to the Lord of the Universe, so you were subdued by Allah's tiniest creature in this universe. You did not want to surrender to the Lord of the World? So you were subdued by a virus sent upon you by the Lord of the Universe. You may laugh a little, but you shall all cry a great deal."

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