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Mar 11, 2017
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Jordanian MPs Celebrate Release of "Hero" Ahmad Daqamseh

#5941 | 01:36
Source: Roya TV (Jordan)

This compilation includes the response of several Jordanian MPs to the release from prison of former soldier Ahmad Daqamseh, who served a 20-year term for the murder of seven Israeli schoolgirls. MP Khalil Attiya, speaking in the Jordanian parliament on March 12, the day of Daqamseh’s release, held a photograph of the killer above his head, calling him a “hero,” and MPs Dima Tahboub, Saleh Al-Armouti, and Najah Al-Azzeh all praised him and congratulated the country upon his release.


Voiceover: "MP Khalil Attiya lauded the release of Ahmed Daqamseh from prison, calling for his protection."



Khalil Attiya: "On the occasion of Daqamseh's release, let me place his picture over my head, because this hero has returned to his home safe and sound. I demand that the Jordanian government give this hero full protection, because he has received threats from the Zionist enemy."






Dima Tahboub: "This is a Jordanian day of celebration. We are very happy at (Daqamseh's) release, which is overdue. Even in prison, we considered him to be free, because no one can arrest someone like the soldier Daqamseh. Today, his freedom is complete. He was free in prison, and now he is free outside. We congratulate the Jordanian people, the Daqamseh family, and ourselves. We congratulate the people who continue to uphold the principles for which Daqamseh was imprisoned. This proves that there can be no normalization of relations between the Jordanian people and the Zionist enemy."


Saleh Al-Armouti: "Dawamseh's release has undoubtedly warmed the hearts of us Jordanians."





Najah Al-Azzeh: "We congratulate the country upon the return of the hero Ahmad Daqamseh. We never wanted him to remain in prison for such a long time, away from his country. But today, we are very happy and proud that he has returned to the homeland. We are proud to have people like him among us."


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