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Dec 21, 2023
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First Deputy Speaker Of The Jordanian Parliament Abdul Rahim Maayah: Jordan Benefits From The Peace Agreements With Israel; It Would Be Illogical To Cancel Them Without Finding Alternative Supplies Of Gas And Water

#10761 | 01:58
Source: Yarmouk TV (Jordan)

First Deputy Speaker of the Jordanian Parliament MP Abdul Rahim Maayah said in a December 21, 2023, interview on Yarmouk TV (Jordan) that Jordan and its citizens benefit from the country's peace agreements with Israel. He said that canceling these agreements without finding alternative solutions for gas and water supply to Jordan would be illogical. Maayah said that if only Syria would open its dams and allow water to flow into Jordan, then it would not need Israeli water.

Abdul Rahim Maayah: "Let's assume that our government tears up all agreements [with Israel]—what's next? Who will stand to lose? The [Jordanian] citizens. Us. Israel will say to you: You don't want it? Fine, whatever. Therefore, I want to protect the citizens."

Interviewer: "The citizens would lose the Israeli gas, but would win their dignity and freedom."

Rahim Maayah: "In what way does Israel benefit from us, aside from the energy?"

Interviewer: "Israel would be isolated. We would become the 'nightmare of the occupation,' like we were described by the Palestinian resistance."

Rahim Maayah: "No, we wouldn't."

Interviewer: "We would become the nightmare of the occupation, and they would fear us."

Rahim Maayah: "Do the Israelis rely only on Jordanian energy? I want to protect my people. I don't want to be swept [away] by emotions. I am not saying these agreements should not be canceled, but they should be canceled only when we can offer the Jordanian public alternatives to these agreements. It is really necessary for us to find alternatives. If we cannot find alternatives, it would mean the government has failed."

Interviewer: "Correct. That is logical."

Rahim Maayah: "When we reach a point where we can deal with this matter, these agreements will be disregarded. If we do not benefit from them, we will throw them away. When we have no water and our Syrian brothers do not open the dams…Who is stopping the water if not our Syrian brothers? If they let the water flow, we won't need the Israeli water.

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