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Jun 08, 2023
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Jenin Governor Gen. Akram Rajoub: Hamas Should Not Be Allowed To Have Weapons – They Will Turn Them Against Us, Like In Gaza; Hamas Does Not Engage In Resistance, It Abandoned PIJ In Recent Conflict

#10364 | 02:23

General Akram Rajoub, the governor of Jenin, said in a June 8, 2023 interview on Quds News Network (Palestine) that Hamas should not be allowed to have any weapons, because it will eventually turn them against Fatah like it did during its takeover of the Gaza Strip. He said that Hamas does not wage resistance, and he pointed out that it abandoned the Palestinian Islamic Jihad during the latter's recent conflict with Israel. He added that Hamas does not believe in partnership.

General Akram Rajoub: "I still remember [Hamas' takeover of] Gaza. I remember people who, after the coup, were declared to be collaborators and traitors by Hamas, and were put on trial and executed by a firing squad. The same people led Hamas squads [during the coup], killed members of Fatah and the security agencies, and dragged their bodies through the streets.

"I do no want such a scene to repeat itself in the West Bank. I say out of conviction that I cannot trust a gun held by Hamas.


"I do not trust Hamas to have even one single weapon – under its slogan of 'resistance,' which I do not support – because it might use it against me tomorrow.


"Hamas must not have any weapons or any force, because it used its weapons to assault members of Fatah and the security forces in the Gaza Strip. That is why I am convinced of my opinion which I am now presenting to you."

Interviewer: "Even in the name of resistance?"

Rajoub: "I have not seen any resistance. In Gaza, I saw how Hamas left the Islamic Jihad all by itself, and said: 'You have 48 hours to turn in whoever you want, and after that, we will shoot whoever is left on the street.' Is that what you call resistance?

"Hamas does not want a partner. It does not believe in partnership. Hamas believes only in the exclusion of others through bloodshed. Hamas slaughtered [Salafi sheikh] Abdel Latif Moussa inside a mosque, because he disagreed with them.

"Hamas killed all the people who helped them during their coup, because they do not want there to be any [other] force on the land that they rule."

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