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Apr 10, 2024
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Al-Jazeera Airs Hamas's Al-Qassam Brigades Video Calling On Muslims To Join Jihad; Shows Ambush Against Israeli Soldiers

#11011 | 01:16
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

On April 10, 2024 Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) aired a video produced by Hamas's Al-Qassam Brigades calling on Muslims to join the Jihad and footage from an ambush against Israeli soldiers. As its practice, the Al-Qasam Brigades announced on its Telegram channel that the video would appear on Al-Jazeera TV prior to its actual posting on Telegram. The graphic footage of the ambush on Israeli soldiers was redacted from this clip.

Speaker: "The Al-Qassam [Brigades] still have a lot in store. With the grace of Allah, our pure mujahideen have prepared a tight ambush to a straying force, consisting of an infantry platoon of the Zionist enemy soldiers, killing some and wounding others.


"We are calling upon the masses of our dear nation to join the fighting against the killers of women and children. Allah says [in the Quran]: 'How is it that you do not fight in the way of Allah and in support of the helpless men, women and children, who pray: 'Our Lord, bring us out of this land whose people are oppressors, and appoint for us from Yourself, a protector, and appoint for us from Yourself a helper?' Allah says [in the Quran]: 'Fight them, and Allah will punish them at your hands put them to shame, help you overcome them, and heal the hearts of the believers.'


"The Jihad will continue until victory or martyrdom. Assalamualaikum and Allah's mercy and blessings."

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