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Oct 08, 2023
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Jamal Al-Huwail Of The Fatah Revolutionary Council: Allah Willing, We Will See Similar Scenes In The West Bank, Like The Gaza Envelope; Palestinian Authority Security Forces Should Join The Fighting – Viewer Discretion Advised

#10512 | 01:59
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Fatah Revolutionary Council Jamal Al-Huwail said in an October 8, 2023 show on Al-Manar TV (Lebanon-Hizbullah) that Fatah members and the Palestinian Authority security forces should follow the example of Hamas's invasion of southern Israel. He said: "Inshallah, we may see similar scenes in the West Bank." Al-Huwail said that this "historical opportunity" should be seized, and he called on Fatah and PA security forces to "sweep the settlers out of the West Bank" and follow the path of Yasser Arafat, Abu Jihad, Marwan Barghouti, Abu Jandal (military leader in Jenin during Second Intifada), and Fatah's Force 17. Al-Huwail added: "You must not wait for the decisions of others." You should deploy everywhere and defend our people and our land." Earlier in the interview, Al-Huwail stressed the importance of a one a state solution from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Al-Manar TV ran footage of Israeli hostages throughout Al-Huwail's remarks. During the invasion of southern Israel, Hamas killed over one thousand Israelis, kidnapped an estimated 150, raped women, and beheaded babies.

Jamal Al-Huwail: "I am completely convinced that we should rethink the two-state solution. We should return to [the solution of] one single Palestinian state, from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea. The U.S. cannot do anything, in light of the change in the world order, the rise of [other] superpowers in the world, and the great [American] waning. We should seize this historic opportunity. This great victory proves that we are capable, if only we have the will and the faith – nothing more.


"I think that the occupation is in for a great surprise in the West Bank. We were wishing that something similar to what happened in the Gaza Envelope would happen, but we thought that this is only wishful thinking. I am telling you that the West Bank is going to surprise everyone. Inshallah, we may see similar scenes in the West Bank.

"From here, I am addressing all my colleagues and brothers, the members of sons of Fatah: Act like Yasser Arafat, Abu Jihad, Marwan Barghouti, and all the leaders who fired the first bullet, and outlined our national identity. You must not wait for the decisions of others. You should deploy everywhere and defend our people and our land.

"I am saying to all members of the [PA] security forces: Your security doctrine should be defending the land and the people, striking the settlers and sweeping them out, and not regulating market stalls here and there or renovating houses here and there.

"We are required to fight like Abu Jandal [Hazem Abmad Rayhan Qabha] and the members of [Fatah's] Force 17 with Yasser Arafat. We should rise up and stand by the Palestinians' honor and dignity.

"I believe that there will be surprises from all the sons of the resistance factions – Fatah, the Islamic Jihad, Hamas, the PFLP, as well as the honorable and free sons of the [PA] security forces."

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