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Jun 30, 2018
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Italian Academic Delegation Meets Senior Hizbullah Official in Lebanon, Pledges to Tell the West "the Truth" about Hizbullah

#6648 | 01:09
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

A delegation of professors from La Sapienza University of Rome visited Lebanon and met with Sheikh Ali Rizq, Head of the Foreign Relations Department of Hizbullah, according to a report broadcast by Al-Manar TV on June 30. Delegation head Dr. Rosella Castellano said that they had reached verbal agreements for cooperation with Hizbullah's Al Maaref University, among others, and that when they returned, they would "tell the West the truth about Hizbullah."

Reporter: "Sheikh Ali Rizq, Head of the Foreign Relations Department of Hizbullah, met an Italian academic delegation, consisting of several professors from the La Sapienza University of Rome. The meeting dealt with the situation in Lebanon and in the region. The Italian delegation presented several proposals and plans for academic and scientific cooperation. They invited Sheikh Rizq to visit Italy, and open up channels of cooperation between the two sides."

Dr. Rosella Castellano: "We are very happy about this meeting with Hizbullah. When we return, we will tell the West the truth about Hizbullah, which many are not aware of. We talked about establishing, as soon as possible, exceptional relations with Lebanese universities, especially Al Maaref University. We have reached verbal agreements during this visit, and will sign written agreements as soon as possible."

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