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Aug 20, 2016
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Islamic Researcher Muhammad Al-Tawbah: Jews, West behind Islamophobia, Gay Rights

#5711 | 03:47
Source: Al-Majd TV (Saudi Arabia)

Islamic researcher Muhammad Al-Tawbah said, in a recent TV interview, that the Jews, whose "interests are threatened" by the presence of the Muslim immigrants in Europe, "have a great interest in causing aversion of Muslims and in banning a Muslim from owning a newspaper, for example." Speaking on the Saudi Al-Majd TV channel on August 21, Al-Tawbah said: "[The Jews] are now peddling their suffering. Six million were burnt... Fine, what are you doing in Palestine?" He also complained that the West supports homosexual and women's rights in the Arab world. "They give women rights that were not prescribed by Allah - a Muslim woman rules in her home more than Obama rules America," Al-Tawbah said.


Interviewer: "Some people fan the flames of hatred toward Muslims. They create a world of worries and fear. This is Islamophobia. You have an opinion about this..."



Muhammad Al-Tawbah: "It's true!"



Interviewer: "We in the media say that the media is behind it, whereas you have written, time and again, that there is more to it."



Muhammad Al-Tawbah: "There is much more to it. Islamophobia is an industry."



Interviewer: "An industry by whom?"



Muhammad Al-Tawbah: "By countries, by institutions, by agents of abomination, by people who abhor Islam, by the Jews... All those who do not want the Truth to reach Europe are behind it. The Jews have a great interest in causing aversion of Muslims, and in banning a Muslim from owning a newspaper, for example. Muslims are not allowed... The Muslims are buying real-estate properties and shares, but have you heard of a newspaper such as Daily Mirror, The Guardian, or The Independent that is owned by a Muslim?! Never!"



Interviewer: "Are you referring to Muslims who do not have citizenship in the country in question, or even if they do have citizenship?"



Muhammad Al-Tawbah: "Even if they do. They are not allowed."



Interviewer: "Perhaps they don't have the money for it? After all, their passports don't state their religion."



Muhammad Al-Tawbah: "But his smell indicates that he is a Muslim. His smell..."



Interviewer: "So it's not an organized thing. Perhaps it's Islamophobia by the society..."



Muhammad Al-Tawbah: "The Islamophobia comes from society, and, I allege, from the government institutions as well. In the press, in the educational system, and in the universities - and, dare I say, in the ministries of foreign affairs and of defense - there are people who hate Islam, and work to remove it from public life in the West. There are many reasons for that. Interests! The interests of the Jews are threatened..."



Interviewer: "By the presence of Muslim immigrants?"



Muhammad Al-Tawbah: "Of course. They are now peddling their suffering. Six million are burnt... Fine, what are you doing in Palestine? Was it the Palestinians who burned the six million Jews?"






Interviewer: "So you are saying that it is the West that generates fear..."



Muhammad Al-Tawbah: "Yes, the West. It was the West that created Israel. It is the West that sends us the giant corporations that can just about dictate their terms. When there are nations on the verge of collapse, the West puts them back on their feet, so that they will support it. Under the guise of spreading human rights, we are now hearing loathsome and despicable talk about the rights of homosexuals. It is as if they could not find anything wrong with our lives except for the rights of homosexuals in Jordan, Kuwait, and elsewhere. If that case, things must be great. They wish to intervene on behalf of what they consider an 'oppressed' group."



Interviewer: "Yes, that 'disenfranchised' group."



Muhammad Al-Tawbah: "Who is disenfranchised? They talk about the homosexuals, about women's rights... They give women rights that were not prescribed by Allah - as if we oppress our women. I swear that a Muslim woman rules in her home, more than Obama rules America."


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