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Oct 22, 2023
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Terror Tips: Hamas's Student Arm – The Islamic Bloc – Demonstrates How To Carry Out Vehicular Shooting Attacks

#10562 | 01:51
Source: Online Platforms - "The Islamic Bloc on Telegram"

On October 22, 2023, Hamas's student arm, the Islamic Bloc, shared a video in which armed and masked militants demonstrate how to carry out drive-by shootings. The video was posted on the bloc's West Bank Telegram channel. The methods the video shows include faking car problems in order to lure in the target, as well as cutting the target off with the car. It is noteworthy that the militants in the video are armed with M-16-style rifles.

Onscreen text: "Preparing for combat inside the car while on the move. Attacks using vehicles. Setting up a tactical formation for attacking the enemy. Setting up an ambush by way of deception – faking car problems. The Fighters' Position on One Side and Opening Fire. Ambush by cutting off a vehicle. Taking cover at the scene of the attack in order to surround the vehicle. Eliminating the target at point-blank range."

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