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Sep 16, 2015
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ISIS Video Addresses Refugees: You Are Committing a "Grave Sin" by Leaving Dar Al-Islam

#5073 | 02:07
Source: Online Platforms

In an ISIS video posted on the Internet on September 16, 2015, refugees are accused of committing a "grave sin" by "emigrating from the land of Islam to the land of infidels." The video calls upon the refugees to leave the "camps of desertion" and "emigrate to the land of Islam, to the glory and honor desired by any Muslim."

Following are excerpts:

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate


Christian missionary campaign



To the Camps of Desertion

ISIS Member: "In our times, Allah has bestowed His grace upon the nation of Prophet Muhammad by establishing the Islamic State in Al-Sham and in Iraq, and elsewhere upon the Earth. Any Muslim for whom Allah has established Dar Al-Islam in his country should live in it, and any Muslim living in an infidel country should emigrate to Dar Al-Islam, as was ordained by Allah and the Prophet Muhammad.


"If you consider emigrating from the land of Islam to the land of Infidels, leaving your brothers, the mujahideen, behind, to defend the honor of your women and the women of your brothers, and leaving behind your sisters, who are being raped day and night in Damascus, Homs, and elsewhere – you should know that you are committing a grave sin.


"I also have a message to people who have left the land of Islam for the refugee camps, where (they experience) humiliation and degradation: They give you a small piece of this world in order to win you over, and so that you will accept their religion and their corrupt creed.


"You should leave these camps and emigrate to the land of Islam, to the glory and honor desired by any Muslim."

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