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Dec 25, 2017
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ISIS Incites to Terror Attacks against Churches, Christians in the West during Holiday Season, in First-Ever Video from Somalia (Warning: Graphic)

#6337 | 03:47
Source: The Internet

ISIS incites to terror attacks against churches, Christians in the West during holiday season, in first-ever video from Somalia (warning: graphic).

Narrator: "Oh monotheists, a new opportunity has come your way: The hunting season is upon us. Prepare to hunt the Crusaders while they are drunk, celebrating the birthday of whom they falsely claim to be their God. They spend days in drunkenness and prostitution. Choose a high-profile target and attack it: a party, a club, or one of their gatherings. Attack them when they turn the lights off, or at the night's end, when the alcohol has made their minds feeble. Strike their churches in the East or the West. Continue your attacks 'until they pay the jizya in submission."

On-Screen: "Hunt Them, Oh Monotheists."

Brother Abu Muhammad Al-Muhajir: "This is a message to the brothers who are living among the kuffar. Don’t you feel the pain of the Muslim brothers in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Burma, and Palestine? The Prophet Muhammad said: 'A kafir and his killer will never be joined in the Hellfire,' which means that killing a kafir is your ticket out of Hell. Lastly, know this: The Islamic State is here to stay. We are going to fight and keep on fighting, until we rule the whole world by the shari'a. This black banner of 'there is no god but Allah' will rise from Washington to Moscow, from Europe to China."


Narrator: "Do not hesitate to target their gatherings even if there are children there. Their airplanes do not distinguish between children and adults, so raid them like the Prophet raided Banu Mustaliq tribe while they were unaware. He said about their women and children: They are part of them. Carry out many attacks in markets. Do not be halted by doubts. If you are unable to attack a big target, bear in mind that [killing] a single Crusader will spare you the Hellfire, if your intentions are honest. Casts your nets, ambush one or two, and behead them."


Brother Abu Musab the Ugandan: "Monotheism requires the sword and Jihad. The Prophet Muhammad said: 'I was ordered to fight the people until they attest that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger.'"


Brother Abu Zubair Al-Habashi: "Supporting the religion at this time can only be through bearing arms and shedding blood, in order to raise the banner of 'there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger.' If you don't do this, make way for the women, you turbanned, bearded women."

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