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Oct 17, 2014
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ISIS Shepherd: Taking Care of the Sheep that We Took from the Yazidis Is a Form of Jihad

#4563 | 02:14
Source: Online Platforms

In a video-clip posted on the Internet on October 17, a shepherd says that he was appointed in charge of the sheep and goats taken from what he calls the "Satan-worshippers" on Mt. Sinjar. "If you guard the property of the mujahideen, you are a mujahid too," he explains.

Following are excerpts:

Ibrahim Al-Najdi: My name is Ibrahim Al-Najdi. I have been commissioned to take care of the sheep of the Islamic State. Allah bestowed these sheep upon us. We took them from the Satan-worshippers on Mt. Sinjar. I am taking care of them for the benefit of the Muslims.

When you obey the Emir, who entrusts you with a mission, it is as if you are obeying the Prophet. The Prophet Muhammad said: "Whoever obeys the Emir, it is as if he is obeying me, and whoever obeys me, it is as if he is obeying Allah."

My dear brother, wherever you are on the field of Jihad or on the front line, you are a mujahid. If you feed a mujahid, you are a mujahid yourself. If you guard the property of the mujahideen, you are a mujahid too. The Prophet Muhammad said: "You are all shepherds, accountable for your herds."


I have a message to those who refrain from setting out on Jihad, and who cling to the material world: It is better to be a shepherd under the Islamic State than to be a big shot in the service of the tyrants.


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