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Dec 02, 2015
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ISIS Libya Video Features Foreign Fighters Praising Paris Attackers, Vowing To Target U.S. Cities, Moscow

#5196 | 04:15
Source: Online Platforms

In a video released by the media bureau of ISIS in Barqah, Libya, and titled "From Barqah to Baris," two foreign fighters praised the November 13 attacks in Paris and vowed that Washington, New York, and Moscow would be next. One of the fighters, identified as Abu Muqatil Al-Muhajir, said in English: "France was the beginning. Tomorrow it will be Washington, New York, and Moscow," and advised the "Crusaders" to pay the jizya poll tax. The video was posted on ISIS-affiliated Twitter accounts on December 2, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

ISIS members in Libya distribute sweets to Libyan people

Title: "The Muslims in Harawa Are Happy about the France Raid"

Title: "From Barqah to Baris"


ISIS fighter Khabab Al-Muhajir: We bring this message and good tidings to the Muslims in general, and to the monotheists in the Islamic countries in particular, regarding that blessed raid, which Allah made possible in Paris, in the center of the land of the infidels.


Abu Muqatil Al-Muhajir: Praise be to Allah, who enabled the martyrdom-seeking lions to storm the capital of France, the carrier of the banner of the Crusaders in Europe. By Allah, the Islamic State is a [real] state. By Allah, the Islamic State is a [real] state. By Allah, the Islamic State is a [real] state. For those who never believed or who were sleeping: You have seen the thunderous actions of the lions. It is a state. When you violate its rights, your hands are bound to get burnt, and you have seen [what happened in] France.

Oh you Crusaders, you claim to want to degrade and fight the Islamic State, while you fail to secure your nations and your capitals. How can you [possibly] degrade us? You call your armies to the… Like France called their armies in the streets of Paris, but rest assured, they will avail them nothing. We will come to them from where they do not expect. Like our dear sheikh, our emir the Caliph Ibrahim Al-Awwad, said: "By Allah, we will [take] revenge." "By Allah, we will [take] revenge even [if it takes a long time]." The revenge has started, and your blood will flow.

France was the beginning, and tomorrow it will be Washington, New York, and Moscow. You Russians – don't think that we forgot you. By Allah, your time is coming, and it will be the last. My advice to you, oh Crusaders, is to hold your hands against fighting us, and start paying the jizya poll tax, for there will be no safety in this world, from our guns, bullets, and explosives. We will come to you.

If you want your safety, come and pay the jizya, and hold your hands against us. Only that will guarantee your safety. To all the apostates and hypocrites, you have seen yesterday how we dealt with your masters. You claim to run to them, seeking protection. Don't you think: They cannot protect their cities, so how can they protect you?

We will slaughter all of you. Our body parts will become shrapnel tearing you [to piece]. We will come to you with our weapons and explosives. You will not have safety in the bedrooms of your houses. To all the monotheist Muslims, [we say]: By Allah, this event healed our hearts. If you did not celebrate, or your heart did not find joy in this event, then there is something wrong with your faith, and you have to return to your Lord and repent.


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