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Feb 13, 2024
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IRGC Simulates Ballistic Missile Attack Against Israel's Palmachim Airbase: This Is An Illustration Of What The IRGC Can Do If Iranian Territory Is Attacked

#10880 | 02:39
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

On February 13, 2024, Channel 1 [Iran] aired a report from an IRGC ballistic missile drill, which simulated an attack on Israel's Palmachim airbase. The report showcased a combined attack from land and sea, in which ballistic missiles were launched against a model of Palmachim airbase, which was built in the Iranian desert. According to the report, Palmachim is Israel's largest airbase, and it is the main base for its F-35 warplanes. The reporter said that "this is an illustration of what the IRGC can do [...] if Iran's territory is attacked."

Narrator: "The IRGC Navy's Martyr Mahdavi ship is deployed here, in the Sea of Oman. It is equipped with two ballistic missiles from the Fateh family. The target is somewhere in Iran's central desert. For the first time, the IRCG navy's ships were equipped with ballistic missiles with a range of at least 1,700 kilometers, and container launchers that conceal the missile, and prevent its detection prior to the launch.


"After the missiles were launched, the two targets, both with about two-meter sides are hit like this. At the same time. In two other places in Iran, the IRCG's new missiles are being prepared to attack these two targets. These missiles, such as the Emad and the Qadr, have had the modifications to their structure and warhead, which have increased their range and accuracy.


"The target of these missiles is a model of the Palmachim airbase, the main base for the Zionist enemy's F-35 airplanes.

"Recently, in this very base, Netanyahu talked again about attacking Iran, and said: 'Who says we are not attacking Iran?' The Palmachim airbase is 15 kilometers long and five or six kilometers wide. However, the target of the IRGC missiles is on-third of that size – the hangers holding those warplanes."


Reporter: "In less than seven minutes, the IRGC's precision missiles will rain down on the model of the Zionist enemy's largest airbase in the occupied lands."

Narrator: "In this operation the Emad missiles hit the targets with an accuracy of less than 4 meters, carrying enhanced warheads. This illustration of what the IRCG can do against any target, in a hybrid operation from sea and land, if Iran's territory is attacked."

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