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Jul 28, 2020
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IRGC Showcases Military Capabilities, Attacks Model Of Aircraft Carrier; Commander-In-Chief Salami: Our Tactical Approach Is 'Entirely Offensive'

#8174 | 02:52
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

On July 28, 2020, Channel 1 (Iran) aired a report about an IRGC exercise in the Strait of Hormuz, called "Great Prophet 14." In the exercise, missiles, helicopters, speedboats, and military divers practiced seizing an aircraft carrier. IRGC Commander-in-Chief Hossein Salami said that strategically, Iran operates defensively, but that its tactical approach is entirely offensive. General Gholamali Rashid, the commander of the Khatam Al-Anbiya Central Headquarters, said that Iran will swiftly respond to any threats or "destabilizing actions." The report also showed IRGC forces launching missiles and carrying out other aspects of the exercise.

News Anchor: "Regarding the 'Great Prophet 14' exercise in the Persian Gulf and in the western parts of the Straits of Hormuz, the General Commander of the IRGC said that all the operations in the joint exercise are surprise-attack maneuvers. It includes defense against ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, electronic warfare, and combat in conditions of biological warfare. All these important things are being practiced on the first day of the exercise by the IRGC's land, sea, air, and aerospace units.


Narrator: "The most skilled soldiers – with the newest weapons and equipment – are ready in land, sea, air, and even space.


"The goal of the day is a multi-frontal and multi-layered attack against a model of an aircraft carrier. The operational purpose is to destroy the carrier's escort vessels."

General Hossein Salami: "Strategically, we are operating defensively, but from a tactical perspective, we act entirely offensively."

Narrator: "After a few minutes, an Iranian missile-armed helicopter takes action. Another stage of the exercise showed the destructive capacity of [the IRGC's] speedboats. Once [missiles] from shore hit the target, it is time for the divers to strike and disorient the enemy vessel's command bridge.


"As per a predetermined plan, the rocket launchers rained down deadly fire, and completed a successful attack."

General Gholamali Rashid: "We will certainly use the right and location in all aspects of our abilities, including our defensive abilities and our offensive abilities, to swiftly respond to threats and destabilizing actions."

Narrator: "The 'Great Prophet 14' exercise will continue tomorrow in the general area of the Hormozgan Province."

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