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Sep 15, 2015
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IRGC Deputy Commander Hossein Salami: Our Missiles, Drones Can Target U.S. Aircraft Carriers Anywhere in the Region

#5082 | 04:52
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

In a recent TV interview, IRGC Deputy Commander Brigadier-General Hossein Salami said that Iran was capable We are capable "of targeting [U.S.] airbases anywhere in the region" by means of its stealth missiles. "Their aircraft carriers are completely within the range of our ballistic missiles," he said. Salami further said that Iran has long-range combat drones capable of attacking "air bases and aircraft carriers alike." The interview aired on IRINN TV on September 15, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

Hossein Salami: For many years, our intelligence has been fully monitoring the U.S. military forces, their weak and strong points, and their expansion in Western Asia, in the Persian Gulf, and in various countries in this region. We are even monitoring American interests beyond the region. For many years, we have been planning a comprehensive defense strategy, under the assumption that we would have a large-scale confrontation with America. In order to implement this defense strategy, we have built up our strength, in order to attack the enemy planes at their point of takeoff – whether it is an aircraft carrier…

Interviewer: Anywhere in the world?

Hossein Salami: Any place from where American airpower can reach our borders. Get it? Any base or point of takeoff from which American planes are capable of reaching the Iranian skies. All these points of takeoff are completely vulnerable, because of our diverse and unlimited defense and offense capabilities.

We are capable of targeting their airbases anywhere in the region, by means of our unlimited, precise, and swift missiles, with their great destructive power. These missiles go undetected by anti-missile radars. Their aircraft carriers are completely within the range of our ballistic missiles, which are highly precise and can follow and intercept moving targets, and hit them without ever missing. We have cruise missiles that can follow these targets, engage them, and destroy them.

Our other capabilities range from naval mines, and naval boats, which lead the warfare above water, to our long-range combat drones, which can carry bombs and rockets, and can launch them against air bases and aircraft carriers alike. Just think about it: We have a drone that can fly a distance of 3,000 kilometers – 3,000 kilometers! – and then returns. It carries out operations at any point we want, for purposes of identification, monitoring, and attack. And this is just a drone that can carry out operations. Our ballistic missiles have a very complex, modern, and unique technology, and nobody else in the world has it, except, perhaps, by the U.S. or by Russia. This is a ballistic missile that enters the atmosphere at a speed several times the speed of sound, and it is almost impossible to track it, to control it, or to intercept it.

Interviewer: What is its range?

Hossein Salami: Its range is such that it can hit the aircraft carrier.


Our route to expand our defensive power is unstoppable. Nothing can stand in the way of our determination to amass power, in order to destroy the greatest military powers of the century.


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