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Feb 01, 2017
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Iraqi Shiite Militia Leader Al-Khafaji: I Like Trump, He Reveals the True Racist Face of America

#5875 | 02:12
Source: Al-Eshraq TV (Iraq)

Iraqi Shiite militia leader Aws Al-Khafaji, Secretary-General of the Abu Fadhl Al-Abbas Brigades, said that he "liked Trump's personality" because unlike previous presidents, who "would cover the face of the U.S. administration with makeup," Trump reveals the true face of America, which "supports terrorism and is against liberties and Islam" and "wants to suck all the oil from this region." Speaking on the Iraqi Ishraq TV channel on January 31, Al-Khafaji further said that the Iraqi government should punish any traitor and anyone who made any declaration against the Popular Mobilization Units or the Iraqi armed forces.



Aws Al-Khafaji: I like Trump's personality, because he is realistic, and emanates from the real America. We had been afflicted with Bush, and before him with Reagan, Carter, and then with Bush Jr., and before him with Clinton, and then with Obama. They used to embellish the American face, and would cover the face of the US administration with makeup. Now the real American has emerged. Trump is the true American personality, which emanates from the real America. He does not hide behind makeup. He says: This is America. America is against liberties. America is against Islam. America wants to suck all the oil from this region. America wants to deal with you on the basis of "give and take." It wants to suck all the Arab oil from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and the Gulf.  It does not want to sign agreements. America supports terrorism and is against liberties and Islam. This is the true face of America. Previous administrations tried to embellish America's racism, but along came Trump and said: "We are racists." That is America.




The government is supposed to punish every traitor, and anyone who leveled accusations against the Popular Mobilization Units, and against the armed forces. Every political declaration against the PMU or the armed forces enabled the killing of a soldier, a PMU member, a member of the federal police, or a member of the Counter Terrorism Service. The blood of our sons, the sons of Iraq, is not so cheap that any politician can just toy with it and issue declarations as he wishes. If the Iraqi politicians had stood united, so much blood would not have been spilled, and we would have been in a stronger position, and we could have pushed back those neighboring countries that tried to meddle in our affairs. Those who spoke against us should be prosecuted and should face a fair trial.




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