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Apr 26, 2022
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Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Al-Nujaba Movement Publishes Hebrew-Language Video Threatening Multiple Missile Attacks Against Israel

#9517 | 04:20
Source: Online Platforms - "alnujaba.ir"

On April 26, 2022, alnujaba.ir published a Hebrew-language video released by the Al-Nujaba Movement, an Iran-backed Shi'ite militia in Iraq, threatening Israel. The video is titled "The Collapse of the Walls," in a parody of Israel's May 2021 "Guardian of the Walls" anti-terror military campaign. It shows footage from missile and terror attacks against Israel, and it describes the missile arsenal of the IRGC, the Al-Nujaba Movement, Hizbullah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Syrian military, and the Houthis. In addition, it depicts several Israeli landmarks as targets, including the Port of Eilat, Tel Aviv, Haifa the Golan Heights, and the region between the Shebaa Farms in the north and western Jerusalem. The video concludes with a warning that in a future war, Israel would not only face the Palestinians, but other "fighters who believe in divine borders."

Narrator: "Hamas and the Islamic Jihad carried out Operation Sword of Jerusalem alone. How do you want to protect your walls in an all-out war? Here is the rocket arsenal of the resistance.

"Ansar Allah in Yemen: Sanaa; Saada; Quds II cruise missile — weight: 450 kg, estimated range: 1,500-2,000 km. The distance between Sanaa and occupied Palestine is 1,800 km and the distance from Saada is 1,700 km. The target: Southern occupied Palestine and the Port of Eilat.

"The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps: Semnan and Kermanshah. Sijjil ballistic missile — ignition: solid fuel, warhead: 650 kg, maximum range: 2,000 km. Estimated distance to Israel: 1,100 km. Target: Tel Aviv and Haifa.

"The Iraqi resistance, Al-Nujaba Movement, western regions in Iraq. Jamal 69 ballistic missile — ignition: solid fuel, warhead: 450 kg, range: 700 km. Average distance to occupied Palestine: 460 km. Target: the eastern occupied territories.

"The Syrian army in Homs and Quneitra. Tishrin ballistic missile — ignition: solid fuel, warhead: 500 kg, maximal range: 400-550 km. Target: the entire occupied Golan Heights.

"Hizbullah in Lebanon, [can] launch from all over the Beqaa and the South governorates. Fateh-110 ballistic missile — ignition: solid fuel, warhead: 500 kg, maximal range: 400-550 km. Target: Shebaa Farms to Western Al-Quds [Jerusalem].

"Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the Gaza Strip. Ayyash-250 — range: 250 km. Qassam rocket — capable of striking Tel Aviv. Target: Ashkelon, Ashdod, Beer Sheva, Dimona.

"War against Israel will no longer be limited to a country east of the Mediterranean Sea. Instead, the Zionists will be surprised by a front comprised of fighters who believe in divine borders and of non-Palestinian nations.

"Sheikh Akram Al-Kaabi, Sec.-Gen., Islamic Resistance, Al-Nujaba."

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