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Oct 17, 2021
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Iraqi Journalist Ahmad Abdulsada Warns Of Imminent Drone, Ballistic Missile Attack On UAE In Retaliation For Allegedly Rigging Iraqi Elections, Says The PMU Will Militarily Mobilize Against PM Al-Kadhimi If He Tries To Disband It

#9137 | 02:20
Source: Dijlah TV (Iraq)UTV (Iraq)

Iraqi journalist Ahmad Abdulsada said in an October 17, 2021 interview on UTV (Iraq) that the UAE "rigged" the recent Iraqi elections and that he has information about imminent retaliatory attacks against the UAE that will involve UAVs and ballistic missiles. In a separate interview on Dijlah TV (Iraq) that aired on October 18, 2021, Abdulsada said that if Iraqi PM Mustafa Al-Kadhimi attempts a "coup" against the PMU or tries to weaken or disband the group, then it will mobilize against him. He also accused PM Al-Kadhimi of conspiring with the United States.

Ahmad Abdulsada, October 17: "The conspiracy against the PMU has been going on since the PMU's victory over ISIS."

Interviewer: "But the PMU is a military institution, while the Fatah Alliance is a political bloc that participated in the elections and lost. What does the PMU have to do with this? What you are saying is dangerous. If you are saying that you have information, and if you were sent to deliver this threat to the [Electoral] Commission… "

Abdulsada: "Not to the Commission. "

Interviewer: "To whom, then? To the political establishment? "

Abdulsada: "No. The rigging of the elections was done mainly from the UAE. I have specific information that in the next few days, a military [attack] will be launched from Iraq against the UAE. It is clear. UAVs, precision-guided missiles, and ballistic missiles will be launched from Iraq towards the UAE, in order to deliver a message of deterrence to the leaders of the conspiracy. "

Interviewer: "You are affiliated with the Fatah Alliance…"

Abdulsada: "I am not affiliated with the Fatah Alliance. I am an independent journalist."

Interviewer: "This is very dangerous rhetoric. I am addressing the Fatah Alliance and the PMU:  Can you officially confirm these statements? Ahmad here is affiliated with you…"

Abdulsada: "They may not confirm this, but I have my own information. After all, it is not the Fatah Alliance or the PMU that will launch the attack. There are others who will do that."


Abdulsada, October 18: "The PMU has five brigades in the Green Zone. If [Iraqi PM Mustafa] Al-Kadhimi dares to stage a coup against the PMU, or tries to weaken or disband it, then these brigades will mobilize. "

Interviewer: "They would mobilize against the Prime Minister? "

Abdulsada: "Yes, because in such a case, the PM would be staging a coup against the state, against the regime, and against the rule of law. "

Interviewer: "But he is commander-in-chief of the armed forces the enemy…"

Abdulsada: "But he conspires with the U.S. in order to topple the regime, just like what Al-Sisi did and like what happened in other Arab coutries. What guarantee do we have that Al-Kadhimi will not stage a coup? It is the existence of the PMY that prevents a coup. "

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