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May 01, 2019
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Iraqi Historian Imad Al-Din Khalil: Homosexuality Will Lead to the Destruction of America Like It Did Rome, Greece, France

#7210 | 01:22
Source: Hiwar TV (U.K.)

In a May 1, 2019 interview on Hiwar TV (U.K.), Iraqi historian Imad Al-Din Khalil said that the scandals surrounding homosexuality increase day by day and are causing the disintegration, destruction, and ultimate annihilation of the United States. He said that homosexuality similarly caused the demise of France in WWII, of Rome, and of Greece.


Interviewer: I remember that when I started university in the 1970s, homosexuality was uncommon, or at least illegitimate and illegal. People did not disclose such sexual orientations. Today, homosexuality is protected by law, and you cannot criticize it publicly. They convinced themselves – and try to convince others – that this is a normal thing, not a deviation. Is this one of the causes of cultural disintegration?


Imad Al-Din Khalil: This is the overt aspect of the issue.  The covert aspect is that these scandals, which increase both in number and in their diversity day by day, disintegrate the capabilities of the American people, sending it towards annihilation in the long run.




This orientation, which seems to be protected by law…


Interviewer: Your’e talking about this deviation…


Imad Al-Din Khalil: Yes, this great deviation will lead… just like it led many European countries – like it led Rome, Greece, and France during the Second [World] War, and so on… It will lead [America] to destruction and annihilation.



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