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Sep 29, 2022
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Viral Song Based On Iranian Protestors' Anti-Regime Tweets: For The Sake Of Woman, Life, Freedom!

#9876 | 02:32
Source: Online Platforms - "@MaryamNazarie on Twitter"

On September 29, 2022, Twitter user @MaryamNazarie shared the song titled "Baraye," meaning "for the sake of." The song, which was written by Iranian singer and songwriter Shervin Hajipour, is based on anti-regime tweets and went viral on social media, becoming an anthem for protesters against compulsory hijab. The song advocates for Iranian women, poor people, a normal life, the environment, imprisoned academics, peace, and hope. The singer concluded: "For freedom."

Shervin Hajipour: "For dancing freely in the alleys and streets, for being afraid when kissing, for my sister, your sister, our sisters, for the change of the rotten minds, for shame, for poverty, for longing for a normal life; for those kids who survive by searching through dumpsters, for their dreams.

"For the government's economic mismanagement, for this polluted toxic air, for the Valiasr Street and its dying trees, for Pirooz and the possibility of his extinction, for the innocent dogs that are considered 'illegal'.

"For crying non-stop, for longing for this frame to happen again, for happy smiling faces, for the students, for the future, for this forced heaven, for the brilliant minds and geniuses in prison, for the Afghan children, for all these nonrepetitive different 'for...'.

"For all these empty slogans, for collapsing of unsustainable houses that they made, for the feeling of calmness and peace, for sunrise after dark long nights, for psychiatric medications and insomnia, for Man, Homeland, Reclamation, for girls that wished they were boys. For Woman, Life, Freedom. For freedom. "


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