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Nov 05, 2016
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Iranian Reformist Intellectual Zibakalam Refuses to Step on American, Israeli Flags

#5746 | 01:06
Source: Online Platforms

Footage posted on the Internet shows Iranian reformist intellectual Sadegh Zibakalam refusing to step on the American and Israeli flags and pushing students who were trying to force him to do so. Prof. Zibakalam later explained on a TV show that stepping on the flag of any nation was a sign of disrespect toward that nation. The footage of the incidents and the interview were posted on Zibakalam's Facebook page in November.

Following are excerpts

November 5, 2016

Zibakalam Avoids Stepping on American and Israeli Flags


Students Try to Force Zibakalam to Step on American and Israeli Flags


November 10, 2016

Sadegh Zibakalam: It is a mistake to burn the flag of any nation. It is a sign of disrespect toward that nation. Placing the flag of a country on the ground and stepping on it is an error, a sign of disrespect toward that nation. You do this kind of thing, and then some London-based [Iranian] complains that when traveling to the US, he was thoroughly checked at the airport. Even his eyes were scanned. This is an act of disrespect.


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