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Mar 24, 2020
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Iranian Political Activist Heshmatollah Tabarzadi Slams Khamenei, Calls to Bring Down Presidential Palace on Rouhani's Head Because of Irresponsible Handling of COVID-19 Pandemic: We Might as Well Die an Honorable Death

#7894 | 03:46
Source: Online Platforms - "Tabarzadi on Instagram"

Iranian political activist Heshmatollah Tabarzadi said in a video he uploaded to his Instagram on March 24, 2020 that Iran's main enemy is the coronavirus, and he sharply criticized the way the Iranian regime, which he said is unworthy and irresponsible, has been handling the pandemic. Saying that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is becoming increasingly delusional, Tabarzadi criticized Khamenei's recent statements that the coronavirus outbreak is part of a joint conspiracy by humans and demons against Iran and that any attempt by the U.S. to give aid to Iran is actually an attempt to spy on it (see MEMRI TV Clip No. 7887 Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: U.S. Is Accused of Creating the Coronavirus, It Would Be Unreasonable for Us to Accept Assistance from It, March 22, 2020). Tabarzadi further said that President Hassan Rouhani is even more irresponsible than Khamenei, and he criticized Iran's refusal to accept international aid despite shortages, as well as Iran's recent deportation of a team of doctors from Doctors Without Borders. Tabarzadi warned that if Rouhani and Iran's senior officials do not stop their obstinacy, the Iranian people will destroy the presidential palace and bring it down on the heads of these officials. Calling on his compatriots to be ready for when the word goes out, he threatened: "We will track down their address and go there... If we are meant to die in our homes, we might as well die an honorable death."


Heshmatollah Tabarzadi: "Today, our main enemy is within our homes – the coronavirus. It has infiltrated many homes. Unfortunately, it has taken the lives of many of our compatriots, and it continues its progression. This unworthy and irresponsible regime... Instead of being prepared in advance, imposing a quarantine right from the start – especially in the city of Qom – and enforcing the quarantine all over the country in the face of this enemy that has infiltrated everywhere, [the regime] is evading its responsibilities.

"The regime's leader, [Khamenei], who is in quarantine, was delusional and has become more delusional. He is now saying that this is an attack by demons – that demons and humans are collaborating against the Islamic Republic.

"[President] Rouhani is even more irresponsible than he is. Right from the start, he declared that this would all end by Saturday or Sunday. He then said that [no cities] would be quarantined, at a time when the whole world was quarantining its population to combat the coronavirus – England, France, Spain, Italy, China...

"The whole world imposed quarantines, but the senior officials of the Islamic Republic are trying to deliberately spite the Iranian public. Worse than all of this is that they refused to accept international aid, even though the nurses, doctors, and medical staff tell them that there is a shortage. For example, Doctors Without Borders came to Iran, but they were deported. Khamenei says that if America provides aid, it is in order to spy [on Iran], and he makes similar baseless comments.


"If the coronavirus is about to kill us in our homes because of the irresponsibility of the regime, we must all buckle down. So from here, I would like to warn Rouhani in particular.

"Mr. Rouhani, do not think that you are just a token president, when our lives, our health, and our fate are in your hands. And you declare that you will not enforce a quarantine! I am warning you , and this is a serious warning: If you people do not stop you obstinacy and if you do not abide by the law, according to which the coronavirus must be fought, we will, sooner or later, destroy your presidential palace and bring it down on your head. Not just on your head – we will bring it down on the heads of each and every senior official of the Islamic Republic, wherever they may be. We will track down their address and go there. If we are meant to die in our homes, we will die an honorable death [at yours]. Do not think that you hold the fate of 80 million people in your hands and that you can do whatever you want with it.


"Therefore, I am saying to my compatriots: Be ready! When the times comes and the word is out, we must make our move before we die in our homes."

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