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Apr 07, 2024
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Iranian Nuclear Scientist Mahmoud Reza Aghamiri: Khamenei Can Change His Fatwa Forbidding Production of an Atomic Bomb; Our Nuclear Capabilities Are High - Making a Bomb Is Not Complicated

#11015 | 01:59
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

Iranian nuclear scientist Mahmoud Reza Aghamiri, the President of Beheshti University, said in an April 7, 2024 interview with Channel 2 (Iran) that Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei can change his fatwa forbidding the production of an atomic bomb at any time. He said that Iran's nuclear capabilities "are high" and that once a country has nuclear capabilities, making a nuclear bomb "is not complicated." Aghamiri continued to say that Iran is one of the top five countries with regards to nuclear capabilities.

Interviewer: "According to the fatwa of the esteemed Leader of our revolution, we are forbidden to produce an atomic bomb, from a religious perspective. But some say that this weapon can have deterrence and defensive benefits. What is the general consensus in the country now? If they give us too much trouble, will we turn to producing an atomic bomb for deterrence, or not?"

Mahmoud Reza Aghamiri: "The issue is not about producing an atomic bomb. When you have high capabilities, it means power. Like you said, going in this direction is problematic and forbidden in the Leader's view at the moment, but since he is a religious jurist, this could change tomorrow or later...This is the meaning of being a jurist.

"Today, his ruling is that this must not happen. This is nothing compared to having nuclear capabilities. As I have said before, making an atomic bomb is not complicated. If you can have a nuclear reactor, which is a device where you control the chain reaction... When producing a nuclear bomb, you make a device where the chain reaction is not controlled, so it is much easier. The important point is that our nuclear capabilities are high.


Aghamiri: "I have said repeatedly to friends that we are one of the top five countries, not top ten. Even France's nuclear fuel cycle is not complete."

Interviewer: "And France is one of the top five."

Aghamiri: "Correct. But our country's fuel cycle is complete."

Interviewer: "Thank God."

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