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May 06, 2004
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Iranian Leader, Ali Khamenei: The Americans in Iraq are'like a wolf whose tail has been caught in a trap.'

#59 | 04:09
Source: IRIB/ Jaam-E-Jam2 TV (Iran)

Jaam-E-Jam 2 TV, the Iranian channel directed at the US, aired a speech by Iranian Leader 'Ali Khamenei, in which he discussed the Middle East policies of the US. Following are excerpts from the speech that was broadcast on May 6, 2004:

Khamenei: It is not an illusion but a reality. Today, the arrogant governments of the world, like the colonialist governments of the 19th and early 20th centuries, opened their mouths wide so they could swallow any place that expands their wealth and increases their power. The Greater Middle East plan, which was planned by the gang that controls America, and is managed thoroughly by the Zionists – what does it mean?

The Middle East region is a rich region, and the desire to swallow it does not let them rest. They are planning on swallowing it, but they cannot. This portion will get stuck in their throat and choke them.

These riots that recently took place in Iraq and the clashes in Najaf, Karbala, Basra, and so on, began when the Americans closed down a newspaper only because it published bad things about the Americans and opposed them. Do you not say, "We support freedom of the press." Do you not say, falsely, that you support freedom of opinion, the press, and expression? Why did you close down a newspaper? Because it wrote against the occupying soldiers who invaded people's homes. In the beginning they kept the reason they came a secret. Now, when public opinion in the US is gradually expressing its opposition, the ignorant US president stated in his speech two weeks ago, "If we can use Iraq's oil we will not need any other country's oil." This, he said for his own public opinion because they are not satisfied with his presence in Iraq. He says, "Know that this is so very valuable for the US." In fact, he admitted that they came for the oil and not in order to defend human rights and democracy.

Companies' interests dragged them there. The Americans are stuck in Iraq and have no way out. They are like a wolf whose tail has been caught in a trap – like the traps set to catch wolves – and its tail has been caught in this trap. It is clawing and howling. If there is something near, it will bite, but its tail is caught. Either it will apply pressure in order to release itself and its tail will be torn off, or it will remain as it is. They are deep in mire. This is the situation of the Zionists in oppressed Palestine and this is their situation in oppressed Iraq. The power of the oppressed will conquer the unleashed and boundless.

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