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Mar 09, 2020
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Iranian TV Host Delavari Continues to Criticize Top Officials' Coronavirus Response: “President Rouhani… We Haven't Heard from You for A While. We Miss You…"

#7869 | 02:20
Source: Channel 5/Tehran TV (Iran)

Iranian TV host Mohammad Delavari addressed a monologue on a March 9, 2020 show on Channel 5 (Iran) to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. "We miss you," he said, and he asked why people haven't heard from President Rouhani since he had promised that things would soon return to normal following the coronavirus outbreak. Delavari offered to come speak to Rouhani if he is unable to come to the studio, and he voiced the concerns of experts he had spoken to that the appointment of Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki to the Head of the Anti-Corona National Headquarters is insufficient because Namaki does not have the authority to take necessary measures. Delavari urged President Rouhani to lead the Anti-Corona National Headquarters himself, or to appoint the Vice President to the position. Furthermore, Delavari asked why nobody is currently leading Iran's Red Crescent and who has been acting as the Head of Iran's Crisis Management Organization, since the appointed chief of the organization has contracted coronavirus. Delavari added: "We feel that you must enter the fray yourself, Mr. President. We are waiting for you." See also MEMRI TV Clip No. 7866 Iranian TV Host Slams IRGC General In Charge Of Civil Defense For Evading The Issue Of Coronavirus And Bio Warfare: You Only Come To The Show When We Couldn't Care Less About What You Have To Say, March 7, 2020; and MEMRI TV Clip No. 7838 Iranian TV Host Delavari Criticizes Government's Coronavirus Response: The Delivering Of Information To The Public Is Catastrophic, February 24, 2020.

Mohammad Delavari: "Before we start the show, I would like to say something to the honorable President, Mr. Rouhani.

"Mr. Rouhani, in your [last] appearance, you made such a nice statement. You said that beginning Saturday, things would be back to normal. Then you went away and we have not heard from you for some time. We miss you.

"First, I wanted to know where you are and if you can't come to us, we can come to you. Second, we now have an Anti-Corona National Headquarters, with Health Minister [Saeed Namaki] at the helm. Many experts have contacted me and said that this appointment is a mistake, because one minister does not have the necessary power to mobilize all the relevant departments. You can also see that Mr. Namaki – even though he works very hard and is a very distinguished man – keeps writing letters complaining about this and that. Please, Mr. Rouhani, before it's too late, take upon yourself to be the head of the Anti-Corona National Headquarters or appoint the first Vice President to the task. It is not me saying this, but a large group of experts.

"Secondly, Mr. Rouhani, in the current circumstances, there is no one at the head of the [Iranian] Red Crescent. This is a very large and important organization, but no one is heading it. Why? Please answer that. Mr. Rouhani, it seems that the Head of the Crisis Management Center has contracted coronavirus. May God give him health. Where is his deputy? What is he doing now? We feel that you must enter the fray yourself, Mr. President. We are waiting for you."


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