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Apr 03, 2015
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Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif Receives Hero's Welcome in Tehran Following Nuclear Joint Statement

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Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Following the joint statement issued by Iran and the world powers in Lausanne, Switzerland on the Iran nuclear deal framework, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif returned to Tehran on April 3 to a hero's welcome.

Following is an excerpt from the footage, which was broadcast by Mayadeen TV.

Reporter: This is Tehran during the Norouz holiday, following the statement in Lausanne. The top negotiator and his team arrived in the Iranian capital. This is how he was received following negotiation considered the most difficult since the beginning of the conflict over Iran's nuclear project. They believe that what happened in Lausanne was a clear Iranian victory, for which they waited for years, with their eyes set upon the emerging of their country from the hardship of the international sanctions. The Lausanne communiqué, the Lausanne understandings, or the Lausanne agreement – the people who sat around the negotiations table care less about the name as about the outcome.


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