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Apr 01, 2024
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Iranian International Relations Expert Abolfazl Bazargan, Following Killing Of Quds Force Commanders In Damascus: We Attack Israel To Deter The U.S., But We Need At Least One Nuclear Bomb To Achieve Full Deterrence

#10997 | 02:16
Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

Iranian International Relations Abolfazl Bazargan said in an April 1, 2024 interview on Ofogh TV [Iran] that Israel does not want to start a war with Iran because it is still stuck in the "swamp" of Gaza, and that Iran's anti-American deterrence is indirect and involves Iran's influence throughout the region and the threat it poses to Israel. He also said that at a time when Iran does not want war but is facing enemies that are nuclear superpowers and that have submarines and warships in the Persian Gulf, the only thing Iran can do is to maximize its capabilities and create "total deterrence." He elaborated that Iran must acquire nuclear deterrence – even if it is just one nuclear bomb – in order to ensure peace.

Abolfazl Bazargan: "As I have said before, we are part of a security puzzle in the region, and whether we want or not, we are an important player in the region, and we are involved in the developments in the region. There is a wrong analysis that is going around these days that Israel wants to drag Iran – and consequently the US – into the war.

"This analysis is very wrong. Why? Because Israel has not yet been able to deal with Hamas to defend itself. It is contemplating whether to enter a war with Hizbullah or not. It cannot add Iran to the equation while [stuck] in the swamp of Gaza.

"Let's not forget that Iran's anti-American deterrence does not revolve around [attacking] the U.S., which is five continents away. Our deterrence is indirect – it targets Israel, through the [Greater] Syria region. If you want to strike the U.S., we need to attack Israel.


"At the time when you do not want to wage war, and your enemy does not dare to even threaten you, all you can do is maximize your capabilities. In a region where your rival or enemy's maximal force includes nuclear weapons and there is a superpower that always threatens you, by stating that 'a military option is on the table,' and it also a nuclear power, which has nuclear warships and submarines in the Persian Gulf, which are threatening you on a daily basis – maximizing your forces and creating a total deterrence – for the purpose of bringing about peace – you have to create nuclear deterrence, even if only one [bomb]. That's all."

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