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Dec 26, 2022
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Iranian Dissident Abolfazl Ghadyani: Reform Is Impossible – Iran's Islamic Regime Must Go; Raisi Is A Murderer; It Is Khamenei Who Is Rebelling Against God, Not The Protesters

#10020 | 04:44
Source: BBC Persian (The UK)

Iranian dissident Abolfazl Ghadyani said in a December 26, 2022 interview with BBC Persian (U.K.) that Iran's Islamic regime cannot be reformed, that it "has to go," and that taking to the streets is the only way to achieve this. He said that the Iranian people have realized that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is the "source" of their problems and their "greatest enemy." He argued that the anti-regime protestors in Iran are acting in self-defense, and not out of corruption or rebellion against God, and he predicted that the regime's attempts to intimidate the protestors will only make them more determined to overthrow Khamenei's regime. Adding that President Raisi is a "murderer," Ghadyani also claimed that the Iranian regime had deliberately shot down Ukrainian Airlines flight 752 in early 2020. Abolfazl Ghadyani is a prominent member of the Mujahedin of the Islamic Revolution, an Iranian anti-regime political movement, and he has served multiple prison sentences for his pursuits.

Abolfazl Ghadyani: "The [Iranian] public has not risen and occupied the streets for no reason.


"Look, these young people who have taken to the streets come, ultimately, from families that have been entirely unhappy with this regime. The new generation, however, has unusual courage. They say 'I have nothing to lose' and take to the streets. Their families behaved conservatively, but they no longer do. They have inherited this 44-year-long ordeal. They know full well that this regime cannot be reformed, that this regime has to go, that there is no other option, and that taking to the streets is the only way to achieve this.


"I am pleased that people have realized that the source of all these calamities is Ali Khamenei himself. People have completely realized this.


"I have said this before many times and I am reiterating it today: Khamenei is the greatest enemy of the Iranian people. I said it when I was [still] in prison.


They killed 176 people when the Ukrainian airplane crashed. They shot it down on purpose. It has become clear that they downed the plane on purpose. Not a single person has been arrested, even though years have passed since this unfortunate affair, this human catastrophe. Not a single person has been arrested, stood trial, or identified [as responsible]. They have made every effort to cover up the affair, so that people forget it and the rights of the [victims] are trampled underfoot.


"In my opinion, the best and most complete examples of people who 'spread corruption upon the land' and 'rebel against God' are Ali Khamenei himself, his henchmen, and his oppressive helpers. Are you paying attention? They are the best example of that, because all they care about is sowing fear and terror in society, beating down on society, and preventing its liberation from the yoke of their oppression.

"Under no circumstances did any of the protestors...Even if a protester had to defend himself, it constitutes legitimate self-defense. He was attacked by an agent [of the regime] and he defended himself, and prevented that agent from killing him. How can he possibly be regarded as someone who rebels against God? How can he possibly be regarded as someone who spreads corruption upon the land?


"They want to raise the morale of the supporters who are abandoning them, and at the same time, they want to intimidate the public. But the outcome will be the opposite. I published a communique about this in the past. The people will become more determined to oust this regime and Ali Khamenei. The people will become even more furious.


"Therefore, reforms are completely unfeasible. For this to be possible, there should have been [an indication that the regime] was backing down a little in the past 25 years. It should have backed down a little, but instead, it just kept pushing forward, and you all saw that Raisi the murderer became the president of this country. Raisi the murderer!"



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