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Dec 21, 2018
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Iranian Official Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi: Iran Has Supporters throughout the World, Including America and Europe; U.S. Attack on Iran Would Result in World War

#6977 | 01:55
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, who is a member of the Iranian Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution, said during a broadcast that aired on Channel 1 TV (Iran) on December 21, 2018 that Iran's global influence extends into Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and other countries throughout the world, and that it even has supporters in the U.S. and Europe. He said that Iran has forces that are willing to sacrifice their lives for it even without being told to do so. He gave the example of a Hindu Marxist professor at the University of Delhi in India who told him that if America attacks Iran, he and his students would fight alongside Iran, even in Indian territory. Azghadi alleged that leftist Indian students had told him that they would leave no Americans alive in India if the U.S. attacked Iran. Azghadi referred to a statement by Imam Khomenei that a world war would break out if the U.S. attacked Iran and he added that Iran is not a country; rather, it is a "great international revolution."


Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi: The Islamic Republic’s global influence is so powerful that it extends to Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and many other places. [Iran] has forces that are willing to sacrifice their lives. Iran does not even have to give them instructions. An Indian Marxist professor at the University of Delhi said to me: “Hinduism is my religion, and ideologically, I’m a Marxist, but if America – or anybody else for that matter – attacks Iran…” He told me this years ago at the University of Delhi. He said: “I and all my students will come to fight by your side.” Leftist Indian students have said to me: “If we can’t come to Iran, we will fight America here in India. If America attacks Iran, we won’t leave a single American alive in India.” It was when Obama travelled to India… Or maybe it was Bush, I don’t remember. The Communist Party of India held a big event against him. So you should be aware of Iran’s influence. Iran is not a country. It is a revolution. Imam [Khomeini] had said that a world war would break out if America attacked Iran. He said: “If you attack Iran, we will destroy all the oil in the region, and a world war will break out. Iran is not just Iran. Iran has bases from North Africa to East Asia. Iran has supporters inside America and Europe. Iran is not a country. It is a great international revolution.

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