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May 13, 2019
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Iranian Ayatollah Yousef Tabtabai Nejad: Our Missiles Can Destroy the U.S. Fleet of Warships

#7228 | 00:55
Source: Online Platforms - "Fars News Agency (Iran)"

Iranian Ayatollah Yousef Tabtabai Nejad said in a sermon in Esfahan that the America fleet of warships could be destroyed by Iranian missiles, and that the authority to launch a strike against them lies in the hands of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, rather than in the hands of "officials who will take their time." He added: "When [Khamenei] says he will do something, he does it!"  The video was posted by Fars News Agency on May 13.


Ayatollah Tabtabai Nejad: They will not use their fleet of warships. They will bring them close to us. Let them do it. But if you think that they will put them into action… They will only do so if they know that the other side does not have the courage to fend them off. Such a fleet costs billions, and it can be destroyed by a single missile. A single missile! Dozens of missiles will hit the American fleet of warships if it wishes to move. Why? Because the authority [to launch an attack] will not be in the hands of some of our officials who will take their time. The authority will be in the hands of the dear Leader of our Revolution. When he says he will do something, he does it!

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