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May 25, 2019
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Iranian Ayatollah Mohammad Saidi in Qom Friday Sermon: The Zionists Are Muslims' Worst Enemy, Engaged in Evil, Strife, and Oppression Everywhere

#7256 | 01:13
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

Ayatollah Mohammad Saidi, Khamenei's representative in the Qom Province of Iran, said in a May 25, 2019 Friday sermon in Qom that aired on Channel 2 (Iran) that the Zionists are the worst and most evil enemies of the Muslims, and that they are engaged in crime, evil, strife, and oppression all over the world. He also added that Imam Khomeini had called all Muslims to "shout" against the Zionists and help the Palestinian people.

Ayatollah Mohammed Saidi: "Today, the Zionists are undoubtedly the worst and most evil enemies of the Muslims. In the Quran, they are referred to as 'the people most intense in enmity toward the believers.' Not only in the occupied lands, but all over the world, they are engaged in crime and evil. These malignant people are involved in most of the strife and oppression in the world. In light of the destructive role played by these people – who corrupt the world and the region – Imam [Khomeini] asked all the Muslims to shout together with the Iranian people against the Zionists, and to help the oppressed Palestinian people."

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