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Jul 14, 2020
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Iranian Ambassador To Lebanon Mohammad-Jalal Firouznia: We Support The Resistance In Lebanon; There Will Be Humiliating Consequences If Israel Does Anything 'Stupid'

#8145 | 02:06
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Mohammad-Jalal Firouznia, Iran's Ambassador to Lebanon, said in a July 14, 2020 interview on Al-Manar TV (Hizbullah – Lebanon) that Iran supports the "resistance" in Lebanon with every means available to it. He elaborated that the "resistance" is much more powerful than it had been when the 2006 Lebanon War broke out, and that there would be "extremely humiliating" consequences if Israel were to do anything "stupid." In addition, he said that Iran has been trading with the countries of the region using Iranian and local currencies, and that it would be willing to do the same with Lebanon, particularly with regard to oil and petroleum products.

Mohammed-Jalal Firouznia: "Of course, we will stand by the resistance with every means at our disposal. Today, the resistance axis is stronger and more capable than it had been 14 years ago, when the [2006 Lebanon] war broke out. If Israel does something stupid now, it will face much more humiliating consequences. It would be extremely humiliating for the Zionists. We are sure of this. We stand by the resistance with all our political, economic, and military means.


"Over the past few months and years, we have begun to cooperate economically with countries in the region using the local currencies - the Iranian currency, and the other side's currency. We started trade and economic cooperation in various fields using the local currency. We have no problem doing the same thing with Lebanon, particularly with regard to oil and petroleum products, as [Hassan Nasrallah] has said. This is Iran's official position."

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