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Jan 15, 2024
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Iranian TV Show Celebrates Car Ramming Attack In Ra'anana, In Which An Elderly Israeli Woman Was Murdered And Schoolchildren Were Injured: 'They Were Flattened Like Asphalt, Some Of Them Had To Be Scraped Off The Road With A Spatula'

#10808 | 01:30
Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

Iranian TV host Mohammad Tadi celebrated a car-ramming attack in the city of Ra'anana on his January 15, 2024, show on Channel 2 (Iran). He said that news of the attack in which an Israeli elderly woman was murdered, and several schoolchildren were severely injured, was "very happy." Tadi stated that victims had to be scraped off the road "with a spatula." Earlier on the show, Tadi celebrated news of a Yemeni-Houthi attack on an American vessel using sophisticated weapons.

Mohammed Tadi: "At the start of our show, I have two happy news items for you to enjoy. A wonderful operation was carried out in the Gulf of Aden. They took an American vessel... pay attention, it was an American [ship]. It was not a cargo ship heading to Israel. It was not Israeli, it belonged to the US. They officially announced that it was an anti-ship ballistic missile, a highly sophisticated [piece of] technology, as confirmed by CENTCOM, attacked the American vessel. Who do you think did this? The Yemeni champions. They also took responsibility very nicely.


"The second news item is also very happy. An operation was carried out in which 19 Zionists were rammed over. Where [do you think]? In the West Bank? No... maybe in Gaza? No... In the heart of Tel Aviv [sic], they attacked and flattened 19 Zionists like asphalt. Some [of the victims] had to be scraped off with a spatula. Some of them are in critical condition. Some of them are going to go meet with God, to pay the price for the crime they committed."

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