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Apr 22, 2017
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Iranian Student Accuses Senior IRGC Ideologue of Accountability for Killings, Torture in Iran, and of Using Iran's Resources to Arm Hizbullah and Assad

#5994 | 01:36
Source: Online Platforms - "Iranian Opposition Social Media Accounts"

An Iranian student accused IRGC theoretician Dr. Hassan Abbasi of accountability for the killings, arrests, and torture of Iranian civilians in the 2009 Green Movement protest following Ahmadinejad's reelection and for the mass killings of Iranian intellectuals and dissidents in 1988. He further accused Abbasi, who heads the IRGC Center for Borderless Security Doctrinal Analysis, of financing and arming Hizbullah and Bashar Al-Assad at the expense of the Iranian people.The student, who was speaking at Tabriz University and was cheered on by the audience, criticized the Iranian regime for using Abbasi's "ideology of terrorism and fear." The video-clip was posted on Balatarin, an Iranian link-sharing platform on April 23.


Iranian Student: You are accountable for the blood of the martyrs killed in 2009, and for the people who spent years in the Kahrizak prison, suffering torture and lashings.




Hassan Abbasi, your ideology is the ideology of terrorism and fear, of sending weapons to the bloodthirsty dictator Bashar Al Assad, and of supporting him.


Applause and cheers from the crowd


Your ideology is to toy with the nationalistic and religious beliefs of the people, defending non-existent shrines in Homs and Idlib. What shrines? Yes, in your debates, your ideology, and your speeches, you defend the horrific, inhuman, and illegal killings perpetrated in 1988. Your ideology is to storm the embassies of other countries. Your ideology places the budget of Iran in the bank account of Hizbullah in Lebanon. By Hasan Nasrallah’s own admission, their weapons, their daily livelihood, their food, and even their underwear are provided through the budget of the Iranian people. My final word is that we shall never forgive or forget your treachery and your crimes.



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