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Dec 16, 2022
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Friday Sermon In Pataveh, Iran By Rahmatollah Siadat: If America, Europe Do Not Stop Their Intervention And 'Hybrid War' Against Iran, We Will Annihilate All Their Interests

#10005 | 01:24
Source: Dena TV (Iran)

Iranian Rahmatollah Siadat said in a Friday, December 16, 2022 sermon in Pataveh, a city in the Iranian province of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, that Iranian weapons have "struck fear in the enemy." He said that Israel, American interests, and European countries are in the missiles' range, and that if the U.S. and Europe do not cease their "intervention" and "hybrid war" against Iran, Iran "will annihilate all their interests."

Rahmatollah Siadat: "Our country's airforce, aerospace force, IRGC, armed forces, Basij, and security forces, are the basis of power in the Islamic Republic regime, as I mentioned last week. Highly advanced precision missiles have struck fear in the enemy. The Zionist regime is threatened by the range of these missiles, which can target Israel. The range of these missiles threatens the interests of the U.S., global arrogance, and the European countries. If the U.S. and European countries do not cease their intervention and hybrid war against us, from air, ground, and sea, we will annihilate all their interests."

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