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Feb 13, 2021
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Iran Friday Sermon By Gholamreza Neyshaburi: Putin Is A Follower Of Khamenei, Demands Immediate Translations Of His Speeches On His Desk

#8693 | 01:20
Source: Aftab TV (Iran)

Iranian Islamic scholar Gholamreza Neyshaburi claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin had stated that he was a follower of Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei. He made his remarks during a Friday sermon in Ashtian, Iran that was aired on Aftab TV (Iran) on February 13, 2021. Neyshaburi claimed that Putin requests a translation of all of Khamenei’s speeches.

Gholamreza Neyshaburi: "Mr. Putin, the Russian president, holds the great leader of the revolution [Khamenei] in very high regard, and he has been heard saying: 'I am a follower of the leader of the Iranian revolution.' Like him, many on the global scene accept and build upon the policies and views of our honorable leader. It is said the Mr. Putin told his staff, 'whenever the President of Iran delivers a speech, I want a translation of his speech on my desk within an hour or two, because I have faith in this leader and believe in him.' Many world leaders approve of and follow our leader's views."

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