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Jul 21, 2023
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At Protest In Front Of Swedish Embassy In Tehran Against Quran-Burning Incidents, Demonstrators Demand Deportation Of Swedish Ambassador: Deport This Bastard! If Rushdie Had Been Killed, No One Would Have Dared To Do This

#10410 | 01:37

On July 21, 2023, IRINN TV (Iran) aired footage of a protest held in front of the Swedish Embassy in Tehran against the recent Quran-burning incidents in Sweden. The protestors called for the expulsion of the Swedish Ambassador to Iran, and one of the speakers said that the minimal response to the "insult" would be deport "this bastard". The speaker also said that "all the evil in the world begins in one place," and he led the crowd in chants of "Death to America!" Iranian Islamic scholar Hamzeh Vatanfada, who spoke at the protest, said that had "the accursed" Salman Rushdie been killed "as he deserved and as instructed by Imam Khomeini," nobody would have dared to burn the Quran.

Speaker: "We have come here to express our repulsion. This is our main slogan. We will stand here until the ambassador of the accursed Sweden is deported, until the very last minute.


"Our Foreign Ministry should know that it must respond to this insult in a revolutionary and decisive manner.

"The minimal response – I would like to reiterate this – is the deportation of this bastard from here. That is the minimal response. Allah Akbar!"

Crowd: "Alah Akbar!"


Speaker: "All the evil in the world begins in one place. Let us proclaim this loud and clear: Death to America!"

Crowd: "Death to America!"


Hamzeh Vatanfada: "Woe unto us, the Islamic nation, for not [killing Salman Rushdie]. Had it been done – had the accused man been killed, as he deserved and as instructed by Imam Khomeini – nobody would have dared to enter this fray [of burning the Quran]."

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