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Mar 23, 2020
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Iranian Official Mehdi Taeb: The Coronavirus Is the Handiwork of America; Qom Was Targeted Because It Is the Center of the Opposition to America

#8029 | 02:30
Source: Online Platforms - "kheybar.net"

In a video posted on the Iranian website Kheybar.net on March 23, 2020, Mehadi Taeb, the Head of Iran's Ammar Strategic Advisory Base, said that the coronavirus is the handiwork of the Americans and that the city of Qom was targeted by this virus because it is the epicenter of the Islamic Revolution and the opposition to America.

Mehdi Taeb: "I was supposed to speak directly to the creators of this virus [through Instagram], but they are afraid of having anything said against them and must have blocked this path for now.


"It will not be long before the Americans will be forced to admit that this virus is their handiwork.


"The source of the virus in China is not yet clear. Now, look at this virus in Iran. They started the virus in the city of Qom right before the elections [for Majles], and they have spread it from Qom throughout Iran. Is this a simple thing?


"The type of psychological warfare related to this virus demonstrates that creating the virus, its operation, and its scope were calculated. Something is supposed to happen in an orderly fashion through this virus. What is supposed to happen? Where is the epicenter of the struggle against America? Qom. Inside Qom, where was the epicenter of infection? The religious seminars. In today's world, it is Iran's Islamic Revolution that has paralyzed America and Israel. Where was the epicenter of this revolution? Qom.


"According to a reliable report, it is estimated that this virus will infect five billion people worldwide. Experience proves that at least two percent of those infected will die.


"If they are the ones who created the virus... Look how removed they are from humanity, that they are willing to endanger all of humanity in order to remove a rival from the scene. There is no doubt about this, this virus is their handiwork, based on these statistics and events."

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