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Dec 02, 2023
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Iranian Int'l Affairs Expert Khoshcheshm: Hamas Can Give Israel Hell On Its Own, Iranian Intervention Is Unnecessary, Could Lead To World War; We Don't Need To Throw Israelis Into The Sea, They Will Throw Themselves Into It, Fleeing In Boats Like Syrian Refugees

#10702 | 02:36
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Iranian international affairs expert Mostafa Khoshcheshm explained on a December 2, 2023 show on channel 1 (Iran) that it is unnecessary for Iran to intervene directly on behalf of Hamas, which is quite capable of giving Israel hell on its own. He continued to say that if Iran intervenes then so would NATO, and this would lead to a world war. Khoshcheshm said that once the Palestinians in the West Bank are armed by Iran, they will force a referendum on Israel, which in turn, would fight against this like it is doing now, and in order to avoid being captured or killed, rich Israelis would flee by airplanes and unfortunate ones flee by sea. He said that that 20 years ago, Iran was surrounded by American bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, which are no longer there, and he asked what the situation would be like in 20 years from now.

Mostafa Khoshcheshm: "Some people ask why the Islamic Republic does not attack Israel directly, and in addition, now they are saying: We never talked about throwing [Israelis] into the sea. Has [Iran] relinquished its positions against Israel?

"Why is it necessary to intervene directly when Hamas can give them hell, knowing that this would cause NATO to join in and a world war would start? What is the point? [Hamas] is their rival and in due time, can bring annihilation upon them.



"[General Salami] said that the Zionists should learn to swim. He did not say that we would throw them there. He said that they would throw themselves, which means that they would run away.


"The Leader [Khamenei] declared for the first time the strategy of arming the West Bank on Quds Day [2014]. Does this signal that we are no longer in favor of a referendum? Not at all. It means that once they are armed, it would force the Israelis to accept a referendum. Obviously, the Israelis will not stand still, and they would start war, like they are doing right now.

"In a war, some are killed, some are taken captive, some might not want to be taken captive, and they would take a plane and flee, and since, just like today, there would not be enough outbound flights, or they would be reserved only for the wealthy, the unfortunate people would not be able to find a flight or any room at the airport, and so, they would throw themselves into the sea, like we saw a few years ago, in Syria. We saw how many people drowned in the Mediterranean Sea while trying to reach Greece or Turkey. We do not throw anyone [into the sea].


"Do you remember how 20 years ago, the U.S. was to our left and to our right, in Iraq and in Afghanistan? We were confined within our borders, and the U.S. surrounded us with 38 bases in the region. Twenty years later, where does the U.S. find itself now? It has to bring warships to defend Israel, who is in trouble against Hamas.


"Our strategic depth has reached the Mediterranean Sea. I say this once and for all. If this is how far we have come in 20 years, just calculate where we will be in another 20 years."

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