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Mar 03, 2022
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Iranian International Affairs Expert Farshid Bagherian: Russia Has A Hit List Of 14,000 Ukrainian Nazi Terrorists — Getting Rid Of Them Has Not Been An Easy Task; They Are Real Nazis, Not Mere Neo-Nazis

#9410 | 01:42
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Iranian international affairs expert Farshid Bagherian said in an interview that aired on Channel 1 (Iran) on March 3, 2022 that Russia has a hit list of 14,000 Nazis, but getting rid of them has been "not such an easy task."  He explained that those 14,000 people are "what is left" of Stepan Bandera’s 1941 nationalist movement, and therefore they are actual Nazis and not merely neo-Nazis. He said that although it seems like a fake report, reports of an attempted assassination of Ukrainian President Zelensky could be true.

Pezhman Karimi: "Russia mentioned three main conditions to end the war. First, Ukraine must be disarmed. Second, Ukraine, Kyiv, must be neutral. Third, the neo-Nazi groups must be disbanded. Do you believe that the West will accept these three Russian terms?"

Farshid Bagherian: "Allow me to begin from the third condition: there are no neo-Nazis there. They are Nazis. The 14,000 people who are defined as terrorists and are on Russia's [hit] list must be eliminated. They are Nazis, not neo-Nazis.

"As you know, after 1941, some resistance [leader] appeared there, and the Germans incarcerated him. Later, they realized that there was no better man, and they released him.  This man became the leader of the liberation and secession movements. In fact, those [14,000 Ukrainians] are what is left of that 1941-1943 period. This is why I consider them to be Nazis, not neo-Nazis.

"Because of all that has happened, getting rid of those 14,000 people has not been such an easy task, but the Russians have a list. In fact, we heard yesterday morning..."

Karimi: "It was last night..."

Bagherian: "Last night. We heard that they wanted to assassinate Mr. Zelensky, but he survived. It is not our business whether this is fake news or not. Some of these reports — whatever they are — could be true, although they have the appearance of fake news."

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