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Feb 25, 2022
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Friday Sermon In Garmeh, Iran By Abolghasem Tatari: Ukraine Trusted The West, Agreed To Nuclear Disarmament And Oversight — But U.S., Europe Did Not Protect It As Promised

#9391 | 01:43
Source: Khorasan Shomali TV (Iran)

In a Friday, February 25, 2022 sermon delivered in Garmeh, Iran, preacher Abolghasem Tatari said that Ukraine agreed to nuclear disarmament and oversight in exchange for American and European protection, but that the West ultimately let the Ukrainians down. He said the Iranians have similarly experienced "this situation" in the JCPOA negotiations, in which he said the West "tied our country's drinking water to the nuclear negotiations."

Abolghasem Tatari: "Unfortunately, the Ukranian officials have not learned their lessons and trusted [America]. Ukraine used to be a nuclear country, with a powerful military, but the arrogant [U.S.] and the European countries disarmed it. They promised to protect it.


"They said: 'In exchange for our protection, give us control and oversight of your military and nuclear capabilities. Whatever happens, we will protect and support you.'

"But now that something did happen to the Ukrainian people and officials, you see that [the West] did not step in and did not do anything. [The West] did not stand by Ukraine and it reached a point that it collapsed and cannot rise, it has nothing. It screams at the U.S. and the European countries: 'But you promised!' But it receives no answer.

"We have experienced this situation. In the nuclear negotiations and in the JCPOA, we experienced this. They ties our country's drinking water to the nuclear negotiations."

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