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Oct 16, 2023
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Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian: Lebanon's Economic Woes Will Not Prevent The Resistance From Joining The War; In the Past, We Had To Choose Whether To Fight ISIS In Tehran, Or 2,000 KM Away, In Syria; Today, We Must Not Allow Zionist Boots Near Iran

#10537 | 02:32
Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian discussed the war in Israel expanding to other fronts, on an October 16, 2023 show on Ofogh TV (Iran). He said that the Lebanese economic problems will not prevent the resistance in Lebanon from joining the war. Amir-Abdollahian stated that the resistance will not allow the Zionist regime to move on to other fronts after it has finished doing what it wants in Gaza, adding: "Any preemptive operation is possible in the coming hours." He said that Iran had to choose whether to fight ISIS 1,000-2,000 km away in Syria or in the tunnels of Tehran's metro, therefore, today, Iran must not allow "the boots of the Zionists" anywhere near Iran.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian: "It is true that on the media outlets in Lebanon and online, there are attempts to present a picture, as if Lebanon is dealing with economic problems, and therefore, cannot withstand a war. Everything has been taken into proper consideration. Naturally, the leaders of the resistance will not allow the Zionist regime to do whatever it wants in Gaza, so that when it is satisfied with the situation in Gaza, it can move on to [deal with] other resistance fronts in the region. Therefore, any preemptive operation is possible in the coming hours.


"Since the Zionist regime has taken the opportunity to assassinate our nuclear and elite scientists in the middle of the street of Tehran, we cannot remain indifferent to the existence of this cancerous growth. When Netanyahu, with his imbalanced behavior, is making direct threats to do this-and-that in Iran, one cannot remain indifferent. Our public cares a lot about its security.

"The incredible achievement of General Soleimani, the martyrs, and the defenders who also fought ISIS had to do, first and foremost, with our own national security, but at the same time it had to do with our mission and responsibility for the security of the region. We had to confront ISIS either in the tunnels of the Tehran metro, or 1,000-2,000 kilometers away. In terms of security, we must not allow the boots of the Zionists to enter our areas and [jeopardize] our security. This is only natural."

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