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Jun 14, 2023
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Iran's First Lady Dr. Jamileh Alamolhoda To Venezuelan TV: Media Dictatorship Tries To Destroy Families Worldwide, Especially In Iran; U.S. Anti-Iran Efforts Are Comical, Even Trees In My University Are Older Than The U.S.

#10339 | 03:14
Source: Telesur TV (Venezuela)

Iran's First Lady Dr. Jamileh Alamolhoda said in a June 14, 2023 interview on Telesur TV (Venezuela) that the "media dictatorship" is trying to destroy families all over the world, and particularly in Iran, but that Iranians find America's efforts against Iran "comical," because Iran's civilization is 15,000 years old. She said that even the trees at the university where she works are older than the United States. She said that even though most discussions about violence against women focus on domestic abuse, it is actually the governments that abuse women by using the pretext of women's liberation to make them work harder than men and exploit them for labor and for "sexual labor." Questioning why women are made to work, study, and act violently like men, Dr. Alamolhodah said: "We oppose oppression, but we want women to be women." The interview took place during Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi's state visit to Venezuela, which his wife accompanied him on.

Dr. Jamileh Alamolhoda: "Intellectual discussions of treatment of women mostly ignore family issues. They mostly focus on and debate violence against women at home, even though, systemic violence against women is much more significant. In reality without the support of family, the governments abuse women. Under the pretext of women's liberation, the women work twice as much as men. They use them as a force of labor and also for sexual labor.


"We oppose oppression, but we want women to be women. Why should we [women] be like men? Work like men, study like men, and act violently like men?"


"In my opinion, the great media empire in today's world takes the form of different models of dictatorships. These are political, economic, management, scientific, and media dictatorships. We are now facing all of these dictatorships that are harming us. Just like you."


"For the past 30 years, there has been this campaign against us. Our girls are under the biggest cultural attack. Their modesty, beliefs, knowledge, family obligations, are all under attack by the culture of world media. The media dictatorship tries to destroy families all over the world, especially in Iran. You know that we have a 15,000 year old civilization. The trees in the university, where I work, are older than America is. So Iranians find all these efforts of the United States [against Iran] comical."

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