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Jan 12, 2015
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Indian Islamic Cleric Leads Memorial Prayer for Charlie Hebdo Attackers

#4721 | 02:41
Source: Online Platforms

Following are excerpts from a video featuring Indian Islamic cleric Maulana Naseeruddin leading funeral prayer for Charlie Hebdo terrorists, which was posted on the Internet on January 13, 2015:


Naseeruddin: Allah Akbar. Asalaam Alaikum. Allah's mercy upon you. Asalaam Alaikum. Allah's mercy upon you.






May Allah forgive Said and Cherif [Kouachi], the two boys who were martyred while taking revenge on the enemies of the Prophet Muhammad. May Allah provide sustenance to their fathers and mothers.



Crowd: Amen.



Naseeruddin: May Allah protect their parents, friends, and family from torture and arrest.



Crowd: Amen.



Naseeruddin: May Allah grant others with the same courage and conviction.



Crowd: Amen.



Naseeruddin: When someone who mocks the Prophet before our very eyes remains alive, it is as if our lives are useless.






As for those who have gathered today in Paris to condemn this incident – Muslim heads of state attended as well… 11 or 12 people get killed, and leaders from the entire world gather, but when thousands of Muslims get killed, nobody says a word.









"Funeral prayer in absentia for the martyrs who delivered justice to the French blasphemers of the Prophet Muhammad. From Wadhat-e-Islami Hind"



Naseeruddin: In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Today, at the Eidgah in Saeedabad, Hyderabad, we preformed the funeral prayer in absentia for the martyrs Cherif and said, who killed the enemies of the Prophet Muhammad. Blasphemy against the Prophet's honor is a grave crime, and Allah says in the Quran that such people should be punished by death.






The two boys who attacked the offices of [Charlie Hebdo] and killed the French cartoonists did the right thing, according to human values as well as shari'a law. According to human values, a son cannot mock his father, and a student is not allowed to mock his teacher. The status of the Prophet is the highest of all, so how come it is allowed to mock him? Freedom of expression – whether spoken or written – does not mean one may cross all limits. Therefore, the punishment for such people is undoubtedly death. We fully support this. This is why we have come to this funeral today.





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