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Aug 24, 2014
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India Friday Sermon: Muslims Should Play an Active Role in Bringing about Peace and Coexistence

#4504 | 01:59
Source: Online Platforms

In an August 24, 2014 sermon in Bangalore, India, Sheik Zaid Hussain called upon Muslims to play a more active role in bringing about peace with non-Muslims. He said that the Muslim nation is "falling back," and the way to deal with this is through a collective effort to bring about coexistence.

Following are excerpts:

Sheik Zaid Hussain: When peace is not found in our society between two communities, then Allah the Almighty commands us in many, many places, and you can find it in the life of Muhammad (peace be upon him). What? Strive towards bringing peace treaties...


Brothers and sisters, look around. Is there peace today in the Muslim nations? No. In fact, you will find more killing than peace...


Brothers, it is just not time that we raise our hands and make du'wa for the people of Gaza, for the people of Iraq, for the people of Egypt, for the people of Bosnia, for the people of Chechnya - by Allah, it is for us - for you, for me - to rise up at an individual level to bring about peace. Take it collectively. Rise above, Allah willing. Allah the Almighty will help us. By Allah, He will help us...


Why don't we take the lessons from the Sunna? Why don't we take the lessons from the Koran? Why, as a nation, are we falling back? Allah Akbar. I advise myself first, and then you, and I advise the Muslim leaders wherever they are, I advise the Muslim states and nations, brothers and sisters: Can we strive to exist, to coexist, peacefully?


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