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Mar 04, 2024
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In Social Media Video, Gazan Man Throws American Aid Packet In Trash: I Don't Want Aid From A Country That Is An Accomplice To Our Starvation And Genocide

#10928 | 01:20
Source: Online Platforms - "@Fouad_Diab80 on X "

In a video posted on March 4, 2024 on Fouad – Palestine Gaza @Fouad_Diab80 on X (formerly Twitter) "Ibrahim from Gaza" complains about an  American aid packet and throws it in the trash. The man says that the packet contains "things you cannot even call food and they stink", adding that he does not want aid airlifted from Jordan, and that he will not accept aid from a country that is "an accomplice to our starvation and to this genocide." He continued to say that he wants aid from Arab countries, Brazil and South Africa.

Ibrahim: "This is the American aid that we are receiving by air. Let me show you what it is. Things that you cannot even call food and they stink. Here it is. Take a look. I don't want aid that comes by air from Jordan. Am I supposed to accept aid from a country that is an accomplice to our starvation and to this genocide? I don't understand. I don't get it, okay?

"I would agree to accept this aid from Arab countries, from Brazil, or from South Africa – from countries that support Gaza and Palestine. Okay? I would accept aid if it comes from the Rafah crossing or any other crossing. We are human beings. Don't drop it from the air. This has only one place. We put this aid in a black bag like this, okay? And we throw it in a garbage collection container, like this."

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